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Mandelon mountain pasture

(snowshoe hike)

Minimum altitude: 1,572 m

Maximum altitude: 2,068 m

Difficulty level: WT1/WT2

Distance: about 9 Km (depends if you take the shortcuts or if you take the winding road)

Elevation +: 500 m

the  parking is located along the road that leads to Pralong, between this hamlet and the village of Mâche.

The route is supposed to start at the intersection of this road and the one that leads to the mountain pasture (see photo 4). However, as the road is partially plowed, you will have to "snowshoe" along the road, which is not very pleasant.

For our part, we started at the point indicated  on the map given below. A few meters higher and after crossing  the road, begins the real route which crosses the forest to join the road of the mountain pasture. At this point, you have the option of either taking the shortcut that continues into the forest, or you follow the road. Two ladies preceded us and we arrived almost at the same time at the junction of the shortcut and the road. The rest was done following the road. I'm not supposed to advertise  and especially since I'm not paid for it but we ate an excellent fondue at Mandelon's gite.

To go down, things get complicated  when turning right  as on the map and that we arrived above the first chalets. Indeed, was it an error on our part or... anyway we went down to the right (see the route of our route)  while we could continue straight avoiding a small detour and find the edge of the road lower.  

Alpage de Mandelon RR 01.jpg
alpage de Mandelon Val d'Hérémence
Alpage de Mandelon Mâche Val d'Hérémence Vall d'Hérens
Barrage de la Grande Dixence Val d'Hérémence

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