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The Roseires


Minimum altitude: 1,282 m

Maximum altitude: 1,694 m

Difficulty level: WT 1 (medium)

Elevation +: 433 m

Approximate walking time: 2h30

To get there: Motorway A9 to Aigle. Then towards Les Diablerets and finally Col du Pillon.

Where to park: Free cable car parking

The route begins by taking the road that goes up to Lake Retaud. You will continue to follow this road to arrive on the Moilles plateau. Less than a kilometer further, you will turn left and go down towards Les Diablerets   to the Bourquion bridge. At this point, you will have to cross the road for the first time.

You  follow the road for 50 meters and the route continues downhill to the road leading to the "Sia".  From there, the ascent begins towards the Col du Pillon. Take care to take the direction of the Col du Pillon and  do not take direction waterfall  of the Dar. Indeed, the path leading to it is prohibited in this season  because avalanche mining is triggered upstream, but a large yellow warning sign is there to remind you!

Going up, you will join the road that leads to the pass and you will have to cross it a second time and reach the place called "Fenil du Rang". At this place, is the junction of the routes  n° 3 and 6 of TSL, the last stretch of the course  being common to both routes.  

In summary, it was a nice course but which has the disadvantage of making us remove the snowshoes twice. If you do the route in the opposite direction to mine, the climb from the Bourquin bridge will be very trying because it is very steep!  

Note that there are no less than 3 courses in this same area!

Pillon Roseires H 01.jpg
Col du Pillon Parcours Raquettes Les Roseires 01.jpg
Col du Pillon Parcours Raquettes Les Roseires 02.jpg
Col du Pillon Parcours Raquettes Les Roseires 05.jpg

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