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In order to become a member, you just have to clik on a route and you will be able to become a member.

If you want to become an active member, please just click below !

On the other hand, Swisstreks CSR declines any responsibility in the event of accident, damage and others occurring on the ground. Indeed, we recommend the greatest caution during your hikes. First of all, we remind you to take into account any signage that would warn you of a danger or prohibition. Before setting off on a hike, be sure to check with the tourist offices, the Swiss weather forecast, the local guide office or other in order to be sure of the conditions on the ground and to be adequately equipped.

Swisstreks CSR, being a private and free club, reserves the right to exclude any member at any time.

Swisstreks CSR Team

© 2019 by Swisstreks.   Any reproduction or distribution is prohibited without the authorization of the author. 

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