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The Cliosses

( 7.3 Km )

Minimum altitude: 1,647 m

Maximum altitude: 2,004 m

Difficulty level: WT1 / SDAV I (new swisstreks difficulty rating: SDAV = no avalanche danger and I = low difficulty level and no big difference in altitude)

Ascent: 389m

Descent: 394m

Approximate walking time: 2h40  

To get there:Motorway A9 to Sion-Est. Then Bramois, then direction Nax, Saint-Martin. Go to Mase and continue towards Suen and Saint-Martin for 1km and turn left to go to Mayens de Mase.  

Where to park:2 free car parks, one at the start of  bisse de la Tsa Crêta and the other a hundred meters higher.

I specify that, shortly after the departure, I did not follow a marked path or else I did not see the signage.  

Anyway, I followed the road that leads to Les Maresses  and at the fork with the road that leads to the mountain pasture of La Louère (picnic spot), I plunged into the forest.

At this place, two trails are indicated on the map, one is named "nature trail" and the other is apparently not marked because I did not see anything. So I relied on the tracks left by a skier and my GPS. Indeed, the swisstopo application does not work properly on my smartphone, so I relied on my GPS to be sure of my route.  So I climbed through the fir trees to find myself on a snowy road that only a ski tourer had taken. It was a pure joy to be able to "snowshoe" in the fresh snow that had recently fallen. This road joins a little further (about 500 m) the nature trail. Thereafter, the path to Lake Vernamiège is very well indicated.  

At the lake, I took the road that leads to the Buvette Gautier but shortly after the hairpin bend, I went back into the forest to climb directly to Pralovin, then towards the Clairière du Rimble to finish the loop.  

Several fairly well marked snowshoe trails are found in this area. For my part, helped by the GPS and the knowledge of my previous hikes in this area, I allowed myself to take some liberties.

Les Cliosses.jpg
Mase Le Rmbles Les Cliosses Swisstreks A.jpg
Mase Le Rmbles Les Cliosses Swisstreks B.jpg
Mase Le Rmbles Les Cliosses Swisstreks C.jpg
Mase Le Rmbles Les Cliosses Swisstreks D.jpg
Mase Le Rmbles Les Cliosses Swisstreks E.jpg

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