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Niremont (8.8 Km)

Minimum altitude: 1,145 m

Maximum altitude: 1,554 m

Difficulty level: WT1

Ascent  : 471m

Descent: 457m

Approximate walking time: 2h45

To get there:A9 to Vevey then A12 to Châtel-Saint-Denis. Cross the village of Paccots and turn left towards Rathvel.  

Parking:free at a place called Les Pueys. The car park is located on the right in the bend on the road which joins that  coming from France.  

Route 7 starts just above the La Frasse-Rathvel road. It winds through the clearings to take you to the edge of the ski slopes. From there, the last stretch to the top is pretty much flat. The descent is by the same route until  the arrival of the ski lifts at a place called Gros Niremont the marked trail will take you behind the alpine chalet. At this point and a little lower, there are two or three fairly steep passages but without great danger. At Rathvel, be careful because the route takes you across the ski slopes... 

For my part, and despite the very good markings, I missed the signs that were to make me turn left and so I continued  straight on rejoining the starting route. 

I congratulate the Paccots tourist office and the people who marked this route because it is difficult to make a mistake, even if it happened to me... I put it down to fatigue and a lack of 'Warning !

Niremont H 01.jpg
Niremont Rathvel Parcours Raquettes n° 7A.jpg
Niremont Rathvel Parcours Raquettes n° 7 B.jpg
Niremont Rathvel Parcours Raquettes n° 7 C.jpg
Niremont Rathvel Parcours Raquettes n° 7 D.jpg
Niremont Rathvel Parcours Raquettes n° 7 Parking.jpg

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