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Minimum altitude: 629 m

Maximum altitude: 1,235 m

Difficulty level: T1

Ascent: 900m 

Descent: 450m

Approximate walking time: 6h30

Going up the Diemtigtal, from Wimmis to Grimmialp (Canton of Bern).

Easy path, but the last km are on hard snow. In 2-3 weeks there should be nothing left.

Went back down the valley a bit to Anger, to avoid waiting too long for the bus at Grimmialp. Otherwise, it takes ~5h for Wimmis – Grimmialp.

Wimmis - Zäunegg - Bächlen - Grund - Grimmialp - Anger

Data provided by MS

Diemtigtal Swisstreks 01.jpg
Diemtigtal Swisstreks 02.jpg
Diemtigtal Swisstreks 06.jpg
Diemtigtal Swisstreks 07.jpg
Diemtigtal Swisstreks 04.jpg

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