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Minimum altitude: 622 m

Maximum altitude: 2,454 m

Difficulty level: T2

Elevation +: 1825 m

To get there:Motorway A9 to Sierre. Then cantonal road to Susten and Loèche station (Leuk).

Where to park:Leuk station  

The summit of Horlini and the Wysse See, loop from Loëche station.

From Leuk station where this route begins, to the start of the footpath, you will first walk along the road and then you will cross the village of Leuk. Thereafter, you will cross the village of Albinen, the valley of Tschärmilonga and follow the ridge to Horlini.

Shortly before the summit of Horlini, there is a rock, but it can easily be circumvented by the west as long as there is no snow, because in this case it would be too dangerous!


After doing the reverse route along the ridge, the route will take you to the Wysse See. On the way down you will pass by Galm, Guttet-Feschel and Brentjong satellite station and finally complete the loop.  

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Horlini Wysse See Swisstreks A.jpg
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