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Bisse de Mase

of the Tsa-Crêta

( 4.4km)

Climb time : 30 min

Descent time : 20 min


Maximum altitude : 1796 m

Minimum altitude : 1660 m


Altitude difference : 134 m


Plus: there is a tiny «lake» fed by the Bisse with 3 benches halfway. Ideal for a halt or a picnic.

Exit the highway at Sion-Est. Turn right and arrive at the first roundabout, take the 3rd exit, direction Bramois. In Bramois, you will find 3 roundabouts. At the 3rd one, take the first exit towards Saint-Martin and Nax. Go up to Mase, but do not enter the village and continue towards Saint-Martin for a distance of 600 m and there, turn left to go to the Mayens de Mase (photo 01). Climb straight for 1.5 km to a bend that serves as a crossing. On the left, you have the road to Vernamiège and its Mayens (Lac de Vernamiège) ; on the right, the road to the Mayens de Mase (Bisse de la Tsa Crêta indicated). Drive one km and turn left. Go 500 m and you will have the parking for the Bisse on your left (Photo 02).

Bisse de Mase 02.jpg
Bisse de Mase 01.jpg
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Bisse Mase 01.jpg
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