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Bisse de Vex


Climb time : 1h30

Descent time : 1h40


Maximum altitude : 1508 m

Minimum altitude : 1377 m


Distance (ascent) : 7.2 Km

Distance (descent) : 7.2 Km


Altitude difference : 131 m


Very nice course starting in Veysonnaz near the start of the gondolas. Note that there is the possibility to start from the Mayens de Sion. So the walk will be a little longer (21 km and not 14 km) Walk along the small road of Magrappé (see photo) leading to the hotel restaurant of the same name and pass under the cables of the gondolas. You will walk besides another restaurant, the beginning of the route is straight ahead. 

Several picnic tables dot the course, as well as many benches. In Planchouet, where the Bisse water intake is located, you will find two restaurants. Both of them are in the village.

You will find a free parking along the «Route Des Mayens». Please look at the pictures

Bisse de Vex (Veysonnaz) 01.jpg
Bisse de Vex Veysonnaz Swisstreks A.jpg
Bisse de Vex Veysonnaz Swisstreks B.jpg
Veysonnaz Route des Mayens Swisstreks C.jpg
Bisse de Vex Swisstreks D.jpg
Chapelle de Planchouet Bisse de Vex Swisstreks E.jpg

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