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Bisse des Ravines


Minimum altitude: 1,160 m

Maximum altitude: 1,301 m

Elevation +: 150 m

Approximate walking time: 1h30

Difficulty level: T1

Distance (round trip): 6 km

At the exit of Bruson, on the road that leads to Mayens (la Côt and Moay), you will find the car park. This is located shortly after a roundabout (200 m) in a hairpin bend.

It is difficult to miss the start of the trail for the bisse because there is a large sign "Bisse des Ravines".

Ideal hike for the family. Presence of a wooden terrace with picnic tables halfway. It is possible to go to  torrent where the water intake is but it is a cul-de-sac. Prefer the bisse hut next to which you will also find a picnic table.

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Bisse des Ravines Bruson A.jpg
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Bisse des Ravines Bruson B.jpg
Bisse des Ravines Bruson SwisstreksD.jpg
Bisse des Ravines Bruson Swisstreks E.jpg

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