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Loop La Mauguette - Map of Châtel - La Neuve


Distance: 8.6km

Walking time: 2h20  

Minimum altitude: 1201 m

Maximum altitude: 1493 m

Elevation: 327m

8.6 km course overlooking the Bains-de-L'Alliaz where once walked an illustrious writer, who is none other than  Ernest Hemingway. Arrived at the crossroads of La Mauguette, take the small road which goes up in front of the fountain (Photo 1 and 2). You can park at the first crossroads. You will find parking spaces and two picnic tables (Photo 03)  Take the uphill road. Do not take the bridge on the Route des 3 Ponts but turn and continue until you reach a bend where you will see a sign "La Batardière". Take a right on a small forest road and not on the main road. You will follow the entire mountain to reach the Plan du Lautaret pasture. You will soon see a barn and signposts in front of you. Go about 250m and you will see another barn on your left. There, you can go left or right, it doesn't matter. The left trail is more direct but steeper, while the right trail is less steep. This joins the road that leads from the hamlet Near-des-Billens (or Les Près-de-Billens) to the Plan de Châtel mountain pasture. At the junction turn left towards the climb of course. Note that, personally, I took this last option but I don't know if it saves time or effort because  the climb from the junction to the mountain pasture is steep. Cross the mountain pasture, passing next to the farm (remember to close the 4 barriers properly to prevent the cattle from escaping!).  Slightly to your left is a chalet about 50m away and slightly to your right you will see a signpost. Take the direction of "les Pléïades" via Montbriond. Once you have arrived at the Montbriond farm, continue on the road until you reach the junction with the road below. Once at the junction, go down again, turning left, passing in front of the La Neuve farm.  Difficult course in its first part because it runs along the mountain and some places are very steep. Do not take this path with small children!

La Mauguette Plan de Chatel.jpg
La Neuve (13) b.jpg
La Neuve (15) b.jpg
La Neuve (11) - Copie.jpg
La Neuve (6) - Copie.jpg
La Neuve (1).jpg

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