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Tooth of Jaman

Minimum altitude: 1,152 m

Maximum altitude: 1,874 m

Elevation +: 722 m

Approximate walking time: 3h50

Distance: 9km

Hike without great difficulty.

Depart from Haut-de-Caux and take the Raveyres road to the place called "Liboson d'en haut. There begins the climb towards the Dent de Jaman but before reaching it you will pass through the clearing of  Chammosal.

You can of course start from the Col de Jaman!

Data provided by Elias Gebara.

Dent de Jaman.jpg
Dent de Jaman Monteux CauxA.jpg
Dent de Jaman Col de Jaman Montreux CauxB.jpg
Dent de Jaman Caux Montreux

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