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La Louere

(8.5  km)

Climb time : 1h20

Descent time : 1h00


Maximum altitude : 2171 m

Minimum altitude : 1658 m


Distance (ascent) : 4.25 Km

Distance (descent) : 4.25 Km


Altitude difference : 512 m


The alp of Mase is located just above the hamlet of Louère. You will find a refreshment bar. There are many paths to join this alp. I took the path crossing « La Rimble» meadow. There are plenty of picnic tables. Climbing to the Louère is constant but the effort is rewarded by the magnificent view on Mase, the collons and Thyon. There is the possibility to eat at the alpine pasture.

From Bramois, go towards Saint-Martin and Nax. In Mase do not enter the village but continue towards Suen and Saint Martin. Half a km further you will find the junction for the Mayens of Mase (Photo 02) and then follow the signs as to go to Bisse de la Tsa-Crêta (Photo 03). Parking spaces available in the parking lot of the Bisse de la Tsa-Crêta (Photo 02).

Note: the descent was made by another path. When leaving the bar, walk down to the hamlet located juste below and do not turn right but go down towards the cottages and left. The trail passes in front of the chalet located at the south end of the hamlet. By taking this path, you get the Bisse and you finish the hike by making a loop.

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