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Tsartsey Lake

( 12.2 km or 6.4 km)

Walking time (from Crêt du Midi to Lac de Tsartsey) : 1h15

Walking time (fom La Remointse to Vercorin) : 2h15


Crêt du Midi altitude : 2303 m

Tsartsey Lake altitude : 2280 m

Vercorin altitude : 1303 m


Distance : 12.2 Km or 6.4 Km


Nice hiking from Le Crêt du Midi above Vercorin. Take the gondola in Vercorin and climb to Crêt du Midi. From there, take the direction of Lake Louché which is located at the far end of the valley of Réchy. Lake Tsartsey is just over 3 km from the arrival of the gondola. A picnic tabl14e is 700 m away (Photo 01) with a beautiful view of Ayent and Anzère. In order to reach the path leading to the lake you will have to walk between both chalets in la Remointse and climb a little over 200 m. Perhaps you will have the chance to be welcomed by some horses which are grazing and galloping.

When I was there before, I did not come down to Vercorin in the gondola but I walked down to Vercorin. For that, I backtracked and I continued straight instead of going back to Le Crêt du Midi. A nice picnic site is a little further down with a table and a fountain (Photo 02). Note that the distance between Tsartsey and Vercorin is still 9 km.

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