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The Folly

(9.3  km)

Distance: 9.3 km (loop)

Difficulty level: T2

Minimum altitude: 1,288 m

Maximum altitude: 1,729 m

Approximate walking time: 2h50

Elevation +: 453 m

I parked shortly before the Alpage de la Neuve in a bend where there is plenty of room (see map). From there, I followed the forest road passing in front of the aforementioned pasture and I continued until the road which leads to the pasture of Montbrion. I took the path that goes up the small valley at the back of the pasture and I arrived just above the Plan de Châtel. From there, you will go up towards the Folly. At a little less than a kilometer, I arrived at the crossroads of two paths. If you take a left, you go straight up to Folly, but I preferred to take you up from the north.

The effort is worth it, because there is a superb view of the lake and the Alps. Take care when you go along the summit because on your right the side of the mountain is steep!

Le Folly.jpg

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