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The Relais d'Arpette (3.1 Km)


Walking time (ascent): 30 min

Walking time (descent): 30 min

Maximum altitude: 1635m

Minimum altitude  : 1488m

Ascent: 148m

Descent: 140m


The Relais d'Arpette is located in the valley of the same name (Val d'Arpette). This is located above Champex-Lac. Perfect hike to learn about hiking in  snowshoes!

You can park on the Breya chairlift square. 

Short fairly physical course on the last end leading to the belay. Indeed, about 800 m from the start, you will have the option of taking the shortcut or continuing on the road. The second variant offers a less steep route!

Free parking available at the Breya ski lift. The route begins at the bottom of the car park, on the Les Valettes side (see first photo)


PLEASE NOTE that during our last snowshoe hike via this route, the relay was closed!

Arpette RR 01.jpg
Champex lac Arpette Rando Raquettes 01.jpg
Champex lac Arpette Rando Raquettes 02.jpg
Champex lac Arpette Rando Raquettes 03.jpg

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