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The Molard


Minimum altitude: 1,273 m

Maximum altitude: 1'752 m

Difficulty level: T2

Elevation +: 480 m

Approximate walking time: 3h15

To get there:  motorway A9 to Montreux. Then take towards Chernex, Sonzier, Chamby station and Les Avants. When you're in Les Avants drive towards La Cergniaule and Vallon d'Orgeveaux. Go to the bottom of the valley and cross the small bridge.


Parking: Shortly after the small bridge, you will find a large parking space (see photos) .

The Molard is an easily accessible summit from which you will have a magnificent view of the lake, the Jura, the Cap au Moine, the Vanil des Artses. The route begins with the ascent to the Plan de Châtel which is an alp. From there, you will go up  towards Folly. But instead of going up there you will take the path which runs alongside it to reach the place called "La Forcla". Arrived in La Forcla, a path which winds first between the rhododendrons, then between the pines will take you join the path that goes up from the Goille aux Cerfs. 

You can go down by the same route or then do as I did, go down on the Goille aux Cerfs, the Revers from Baret, La Cergniaule and go up the Orgeveaux valley to reach the car park.

No obvious difficulty or danger to report. Only the climb to Plan de Châtel and La Forcla to the top of Molard is somewhat steep.

Molard 02.jpg
Montreux Les Avants Le Molard SwisstreksA.jpg
Montreux Les Avants Le MolardB.jpg
Blonay Les Avants Le Molard C.jpg
Blonay La goille aux Cerfs Le Molard swisstreksD.jpg
Vallon d'Orgeveaux Les Avants Le Molard swisstreksE.jpg

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