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Mont Vully - Canal de la Broye (13 Km)

Minimum altitude: 430 m

Maximum altitude: 652m

Elevation +: 369 m

Approximate walking time: 3h 40

Difficulty level  : T1

Parking space: Sugiez station but paying. Maybe you will be lucky enough to find a place a little further on the dirt, where parking is free.

This beautiful route takes you along the Broye canal to the place called "Tonkin", to then take you up towards Mont Vully. Going down in the direction, do not miss to see the Swiss oppidum which will undoubtedly interest the enthusiasts  of history and the youngest.

Mont Vully.jpg
Canal de la Broye Mont Vully A.jpg
Mont Vully Swisstreks B.jpg
Canal de la Broye Swisstreks C.jpg
Mont VullyNant Sugiez Swisstreks D.jpg

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