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Point of Paray


Minimum altitude: 1,271 m

Maximum altitude: 2,374 m

Difficulty level: T4 / T5

Elevation +: 1'268 m

Approximate walking time: 8h00

To get there : A12 motorway to Bulle. After exiting the motorway, take direction Gruyères,then Enney, then Villars-sous-Mont and finally Grandvillard. And if you come from the Chablais, A9 to Aigle and then Col des Mosses, Rossinière, Montbovon, Albeuve, Neirivue, Grandvillard

Where to park : In the Baudes car park.

The trail is well marked but it is best to take this one in dry weather. It is better to be confident and not prone to heights to do this hike!

After leaving the car park, you will head towards Lake Coudré which you will overlook by following the path. The ascent to the alpine chalet is gentle, but then it goes up more steeply to first reach the Bounavaux hut. Once you arrive at Vanil de l'Ecri, you will follow the ridge to the tip of Paray.

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Pointe de Paray Vanil de l'Ecri Swisstreks A.jpg
Pointe de Paray Vanil de l'Ecri Granvillard Swisstreks B.jpg

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