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Prarion - Lake Vernamiège

Minimum altitude: 1,567 m

Maximum altitude: 1,784 m

Level of difficulty: WT 1

Distance: 4.2km

Elevation: 215m

Approximate walking time: 1h30  

The route, which is a loop,  begins at Prarion,  which is located above Vernamiège. 

Follow the signposts for snowshoe hikes n° 2.

About 450 m from the start, take the path that goes to the right or if you prefer, take the signposts in front of them and not behind them. If you are wrong, it does not matter, you will only have to do the loop in the other direction

Further on, when you arrive at the chalets, take the path which passes well behind them. Higher up, you will join the road which comes from the mayens of Mase and  of Vernamiège. From this point begins the only passage that requires a little effort. Indeed, the slope is quite steep but only for a short distance. You will access the lake through a small valley.

Once at the lake, climb to your left and you can begin the descent for the return.  

Prarion Mayens de Vernamiègee
Prarion 02.jpg
Prarion 01.jpg

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