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Minimum altitude: 1,155 m

Maximum altitude: 2,083 m

Difficulty level: T5

Elevation +: 1,037 m

Approximate walking time: 6h15

To get there: Motorway A12 to Rossens. Then go through Treyvaux, Mouret, Giffers, Oberschrot, Plaffeien and arrive in Schwarzee.  

Where to park: paid parking near the Seeweid campsite.

The route begins by crossing the bridge over the Seeweid river and will take you to  the "Wälschi Rippa" mountain pasture. Shortly before you will fork to the right, and reach the Steinige Rippa hut, then the Antoni Brecca hut (refreshment bar) to begin the climb towards the Spitzflue and the Fochsenflue. Note that between the two summits, there is no markup and that you have to have a sure step to make the connection. Going down on this side, you will reach the Obere Euschels hut, then Untere Euschels, to reach Unter Bödeli and finally complete the loop with Wälschi Rippa.  

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Spitzflue 01.jpg
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Spitzflue Schwarzsee Swisstreks 01.jpg
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Spitzflue Schwarzsee Swisstreks 03.jpg
Spitzflue Schwarzsee Swisstreks 04.jpg

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