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bear hole


Minimum altitude: 1,167 m

Maximum altitude: 1,584 m

Difficulty level: T1 / 2

Elevation +: 416 m

Approximate walking time: 2h45

To get there : A9 to Bex. Take the direction of Les Plans-sur-Bex and continue until the Pont de Nant.

Where to park : parking near the Auberge communale du Pont de Nant.

From the parking lot, go back down to the bridge and the hike begins there. The climb is steep at first, but it gets smoother with the distance.

Once you have passed the bear hole, you will descend towards the river (L'Avançon de Nant) and return to the inn by taking the right bank. Note that you will need to remove your bag to slip into the neck (Hole) at the bear.


NB: Possibility to sleep at the Auberge du Pont de Nant.

Data provided by:

Photos made by Loïc Froidevaux

Trou Ours 01.jpg
Trou Ours 02.jpg
Pont de Nant Vallon de Nant.jpg
Pont de Nant Vallon de Nant 02.jpg
Trou à l'ours Valoon de Nant Pont de Nant03.jpg
Graph Trou Ours.jpg

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