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Bisse de la Tsa Crêta - Alpage du Rimble

Minimum altitude: 1,635m

Maximum altitude: 1,911 m

Difficulty level: WT 1

Distance: 5.6km

Elevation: 276 m

Approximate walking time: 2h00  

The start of the route is along the bisse de la Tsa Crêta. Shortly before the water intake of this one, we go up to join the road which leads to the mountain pasture of Mase (La louère). We follow it for a distance of about 250 m and towards the water reservoir we turn left to climb and reach the clearing called "Le Rimble". For a more pleasant descent (because little snow the day I'm there  gone), I went back down along the road, which at that time was more snowy.

Bisse de laTsa Crêta Mase Le Rimble
Mase Clairière Le Rimble

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