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(10.6  Km)

Minimum altitude: 1,511 m

Maximum altitude: 2,350 m

Elevation +: 850 m

Approximate walking time (round trip): 4h20

Level of difficulty: T3/T4 and T4/T5 on the last 10 m

The road that gives access to the lake is paying (CHF 5.-). Therefore, you will have the choice of parking at Feutersoey for free but walking all the way or paying the amount to access the lake and park there. 

The proposed itinerary takes this last option into account.

Once parked near the lake, you will have to go back a bit (about 800 m) to start the climb along a small mountain road that will lead you to a  alpine chalet. AT  from there, the slope becomes steeper and therefore requires more effort. The last part is more technical and requires sure footing!

JD Huck preferred to park in the village of Feutersoey and play a game of  the road by E-MTB. By taking this option, you will of course not pay for parking, but you will lengthen the route. Indeed, it will be 21.1 Km and no longer 10.6 Km.  You will also find below,   the GPS track  from JD in GPX format.

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