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Wyssbodehorn and the  4 necks 


Minimum altitude: 1,475 m

Maximum altitude: 2,623 m

Level of difficulty: T...

Elevation + (ascent): 1,700 m (Simplon Dorf)

Elevation - (downhill): 1,200 m (Wyssbodehorn)

Approximate walking time: 8h00

The Wyssbodehorn is a peak that offers a beautiful view of the Simplon Pass region. To do from Simplon Dorf or Egga. Nice climb in a very flowery environment (at least in July). Then descent into the scree on the 3 lakes of the Sirwoltu region.

From the lakes, you can go down towards the Simplon Pass road, or do some passes on the ridge that connects the Sirwoltuhorn to the Spitzhorli.

The proposed route passes through 4 passes (Sirwoltusattel – Magelicke – Bistinepass – Üsseri Nanzlicke) to finally return to the Simplon Pass. There are quite a few buses that connect Brig to Gondo, so you can get there by public transport and choose a different starting and ending point.


Note that the area is in an army exercise area and occasional shooting is done there. So take the time to check on the official sites, the dates of which you will find below!



Another detail, not unimportant, to take into account is the particular weather on the southern ridge of the Valais Alps and the Simplon region.

Simplon Village 01.jpg
Simplon Village 02.jpg
 Wyssbodehorn Simplon Swisstreks A.jpg
Wyssbodehorn Col du Simplon Swisstreks B.jpg
Wyssbodehorn Col du Simplon Swisstreks C.jpg
 Col du simplon Wyssbodehorn Swisstreks D.jpg
Col du Simplon Wyssbodehorn Swisstreks E.jpg

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