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Needle of Mex (8.5 Km)

Minimum altitude: 1,108 m

Maximum altitude: 2,038 m

Elevation +: 942 m

Approximate walking time: 3h40

Difficulty level up to  needle: T2

Difficulty level up to the Dzornive: T4/T5

The route begins in the village where you can park next to the cement plant. 

The route will first take you through the forest to reach  the hamlet of "Planets", then you will cross the mountain pasture of "Gros Plan" to begin the last stage up to the Aiguille. 

Note that you have to be in good shape to do this climb because it climbs hard on  almost all  of the route!

This one presents no difficulty up to the Aiguille. However, if you plan to continue to the Dzornive, it is better to be sure not because on both sides it is empty (remember that it is level T4 or T5!).

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L'Aiguille Mex Saint-Maurice 01.jpg
L'Aiguille Mex Saint-Maurice
LAiguille Saint-Maurice Mex

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