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Arnesee (13 Km)

Minimum altitude : 1'135 m

Maximum altitude : 1'907 m

Climb : 842 m

Descent : 940m

Approximate walking time : 5h00

Many routes are possible for this destination.

Anyway you will start the hike in Gsteig. Go towards Blattipass.

After the pass, you are able to go right or left. Both paths are leading to the lake.

At the place called "Obers Stuedeli", you are also able to go right or left. It depends if you want to go around the lake or not and if you want to go back towards Gsteig or not. There is the possibility to take the bus in Feutersoey in order to go back to Gsteig.

Data provided by Tania Laederach 

Arnesee Gsteig Feutersoey 01
Arnesee Gsteig Feutersoey 02

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