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Bisse de la Tsandra


Minimum altitude: 1,090 m

Maximum altitude: 1,441 m

Ascent: 458m

Descent: 113m

Approximate walking time: 3 hours (one way only)

Distance: 10.3 km (one way) and 20.6 km (round trip)

This route will take you from Erde to the Grand-Zour.

Possibility of parking at the reservoir located above Erde at a place called "Som des Ceyves".

Note that the bisse is not maintained over its entire length; therefore, there are only certain ends  which are in water. At the time of his trail (May 4  2020), Patrick points out that the footbridges in balance (overhead passages) of the small bisse de la Tsandra, have not yet been secured! ! !  

No major difficulties to report, except for the above-mentioned air passages  !

Data provided by Patrick Hauser.

Bisse de Tsandra 01.jpg
Bisse de la Tsandra 02.jpg

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