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Bisse de Levron


Minimum altitude: 1,862 m

Maximum altitude: 2,285 m

Elevation +: 434 m

Approximate walking time  : 5h00  

To get there: A9 motorway to Martigny. Take the Grand-Saint-Bernard exit. Go to Sembrancher, then direction Verbier.

To park:La Marlenaz restaurant car park.   

The route proposed here begins in the restaurant's first car park. You will therefore pass in front of the restaurant and continue until shortly after a stable. You will turn right and you will join the path of the bisse. The bisse will take you through the entire combe overlooking the resort of Verbier to reach the intermediate station of the Ruinettes ski lifts. Shortly before this, the path crosses two or three times the cyclists' track, the greatest caution is in order.

Once you've climbed up to Les Ruinettes, you'll continue towards the La Chaux chairlift and shortly after you'll arrive at the water intake point of the bisse. This last site is a good place for a picnic. 

It's a fairly long hike that includes two climbs: a first towards Les Ruinettes and towards the water intake otherwise it is a trek that does not involve any notorious danger. You just have to remember that the round trip is 22 km...

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