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Bisse de Vercorin (14.8 Km)

Climb time : 1h45

Descent time : 1h30


Maximum altitude : 1699 m

Minimum altitude : 1347


Distance (ascent and descent) : 14.8 Km


Altitude difference : 352 m


Very nice Bisse. The path overhangs first the village Vercorin, then will take you to the valley of Réchy. The Bisse water intake is located in the place called "La Lé". You will find a small bar. You have the possibility to avoid the 2 stretches that are very steep by driving to the refuge of the guard of the Bisse. The route will be  reduced to 6.6 km for the round trip (1 hour and 20 minutes walk).

Bisse de Vercorin 01.jpg
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Bisse de Vercorin 01.jpg

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