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Old Bisse


Climb time : 1h30

Descent time : 1h15


Maximum altitude : 1564 m

Minimum altitude : 1364 m


Distance (ascent) : 6.2 Km

Distance (descent) : 6.2 Km


Altitude difference : 200 m


A route of 6.2 km from the parking lot located in the center of Nendaz station to the Siviez road. The best is to park on the large parking lot in the center of the station in front of the pharmacy DES MONTAGNES (Photo 01). Afterwards, walk along the large sports field next to the main road and go left up the road  for a distance of 150 m then turn left, walk along the small walking path that will lead you to «route de la Péroua» which leads to Isérables (see photos 01-06) or you can download the GPX Track 01.Turn right and follow this road for a distance of about 500 m and you will find on the left of the road, a wooden "totem" indicating the starting point of the Bisse (Photo 07).

Walk up the few steps and you will be on the bisse path.

Note that the whole Bisse path is not maintained. The end of the path is at the junction of the road of Siviez and Planchouet. You can walk down to Planchouet, there are 2 restaurants.

Bisse Vieux 06.jpg
Bisse Vieux.jpg

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