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Bisse du Déjore

and Tsampé (4.7 Km)

Time (climb and descent) : 1h15


Maximum altitude : 1144 m

Minimum altitude : 1018 m


Distance (loop) : 4.7 Km


Altitude difference : 130 m


Park next to «L’étang des Roches» in Prafirmin. Several benches and picnic tables are waiting for you. You will find a bench along the Bisse Tsampé and another bench along the Bisse Déjore.The junction between the two Bisses is made by a walking path that is located in the forest and that is quite steep. You can make the loop in the opposite direction which will facilitate the climb, and it is done along the road leading to « les  Mayens de la Zour ».

No bar or restaurant on this course. If you want to eat or simply drink something, you can stop at « Le Chalet Binii » in Savièse.


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