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Tsissette hut


Climb time : 2h00

Descent time : 1h35


Maximum altitude : 2005 m

Minimum altitude : 1585 m


Distance (ascent) : 5.2 Km

Distance (descent) : 6.3 Km


Altitude difference : 425 m


In the village of Liddes, turn right towards Dranse, Vichères. Drive to Chapelet and park on the departure of the chairlift. Go back down to the hairpin bend located about 600m (Photo 01) Then follow the forest road to “le torrent de l’ A”. Then follow the path on the right bank (right bank = bank which is on your right and behind you is the spring). From here, the path that joins the forest road is quite steep.


You can find many raspberries along the road. You can also, if you have the time and the necessary equipment, you can observe many marmots which are not small. To go down again for example, we took another path. Indeed, the first part is identical but at a given moment, you will find an indicator panel "Bisse de la Tour". The water doesn’t run all along the bisse. Indeed, the majority of it is no longer maintained. Through experience, it is better to go up and down the path along the bisse, you can enjoy the coolness of the forest

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