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Hollow of the Van


Minimum Altitude : 616 m

Maximum Altitude : 1'455 m


Approximative walking time: 4h40


Climb : 845 m

Descent : 763 m


The route showed on the map requires you go to "Champ-du-Moulin" by train. There are many others possibilites to get over there. Please Look at the map the possible different routes.

When you will be arrived at the station of  "Champ-du-Moulin", this route will lead you at "Saut du Brot", you will pass the restaurant "Ferme Robert, then you will go to "Fontaine Froide", before climbing to the top of Creux du Van, walk along the cliffs and you will be able to walk down to Noiraigue in order to catch the train.

Thank you to Stephan (alias Jean Raoul Ducable) for the Data


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