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Gouille de l'Ouché - Pra Da Dzeu

Distance  from the car park at La Gouille: 610 m

Loop Gouille de l'Ouché - Pra Da Dzeu: 3.1 Km

Walking time  : 1h00

Maximum altitude: 1774 m

Minimum altitude: 1682 m

Elevation: 103m

Nice place in the forest, ideal for a picnic and a short distance walk. Indeed, the distance that separates the car park from the said Gouille is only 700 m. Possibility of making a  loop by going to Pra Da Dzeu (orange arrows on the map) and along the Grand Bisse de Saxon towards Nendaz. Arrived at the lapié de Zerjona, go down to the left following the route of the ski slope (mountain road), then left at the bend and you fall back on the road which leads to the car park. 

If you take the option of doing the loop through Pra Da Dzeu, count a one-hour walk to do this one!

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