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Gros-Plané (10 Km)

Minimum altitude: 1,177 m

Maximum altitude: 1,499 m

Elevation +: 397 m

Distance: about 9.5 Km (because direction error)

Approximate walking time: 2h15  

Parking along the road at a place called "La Pudze". Ascent made by road. Note that there are several  shortcuts that allow you to cut between the switchbacks of the road.  Arrived at Incrota, the hardest part is behind you...

The return was made by the same route to the place called "Le Villard Dessous", then we branched off to the right to reach the Creux de l'Ours where you will find a refuge with a play area for children. For more information on this subject, please refer to the official Paccots website. Several loops are possible with the Gros Plané as the goal of the hike.

Gros Plané.jpg
Gros Plané Incrota La Pudze A
Gros Plané Incrota La Pudze B.jpg
Gros Plané Incrota La Pudze C.jpg

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