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La Fouly (5.6 Km)


Walking time: 1h30


Minimum altitude: 1530 m

Maximum altitude: 1684 m

Ascent: 192m

Descent: 183m


Route starting at the entrance to La Fouly and descending to the hamlet of Prayon.

Park at the entrance  de la Fouly (see Photo 01).  The route begins 100 m from the car park along the road. Right on a stake  you will find signs for snowshoe hikes (Photo 02). Go 80 m and you will come to a fork (Photo 03).  At this one, turn right and go up for 350 m. To your left, you will see a picket with signposts. At this point, turn left and don't make the mistake of continuing straight ahead! I would point out that it is easy to miss it, because the signage for the snowshoes is somewhat hidden. If you go straight ahead and come to  in a wide right-hand bend, you've made a mistake! Personally, I was wrong

La Fouly RR 01.jpg
La Fouly Rando raquettes Swisstreks 02.jpg
La Fouly Rando raquettes Swisstreks 05.jpeg

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