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The  New -Le Folly  (9.3km)

Minimum altitude : 1'288 m

Maximum altitude : 1'729 m


Walking time : 2h30


Climb: 453 m

Descent : 447 m

Hiking started beneath the pasture "La Neuve". You can also park above it. In this case, it will shorten not only the hike but also the route on the asphalt, for those who do not like macadam!

Climb on Montbrion pasture to reach the intersection of the trails that lead to the bivouac (chalet of the Swiss Association of NCOs), Plan-de-Châtel and Folly.

Take the first trail left and a little further, you have the possibility to climb directly to Folly or to make the loop by the place called "La Forcla".

At the junction in La Forcla, the signs do not indicate the direction of Folly. Turn around, go up a few meters and you will see a path that runs parallel to the one you came with.

If the weather conditions are good, you will have a beautiful view of the lake and...


La Neuve - Le Folly.jpg
Folly par la Neuve (17).jpg
Folly par la Neuve (14).jpg

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