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Blue Lake

( 2.8 km round trip)

Climb time : 40 min

Descent time : 30min


Maximum altitude : 2092 m

Minimum altitude : 1836 m


Altitude difference : 257 m


A lake located near the hamlet of « La Gouille » between Les Haudères and Arolla. Stop in the parking lot next to the road and walk through the hamlet.
The yellow hiking signs will show you the path to follow. Note that, halfway, you can take the path that starts on the right.

Lac Bleu is One of the most beautiful sites I know in Valais. The path leading to the lake is steep, but the effort is not in vain.There are 2 picnic tables. The lake is made up of 3 basins. The first one is fed by a spring whose water flows from a scree. Perfect place for a picnic and put a good bottle of rosé in the cold water.

Lac Bleu (2).JPG
Lac Bleu (9).JPG
Lac Bleu (8).JPG
Lac Bleu Arolla.jpg
Lac Bleu (4).JPG

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