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Moron Lake (11.3 Km)

Minimum altitude: 717 m

Maximum altitude: 1'130 m

Elevation +: 593 m

Approximate walking time: 3h45

Distance: 11.3km

The route will take you down towards the shores of Lake Moron and back up towards the Saut du Doubs. As you can  As you can see, our route does not take you through this one, but we can only recommend that you take the detour!

Be that as it may, this route has an aerial passage which is not recommended for people suffering from vertigo or after heavy rain because it can be slippery!

As far as parking is concerned, you will find places for hikers next to the restaurant "Les Roches de Moron".

Data provided by Céline Jallard

Lac de Moron.jpg
Lac de Moron Saut du Doubs 01.jpg
Lac de Moron Saut du Doubs 09.jpg
Lac de Moron Saut du Doubs 17.jpg

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