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The Rush -Corbetta


Minimum altitude: 1187 m

Maximum altitude: 1404 m

Walking time: 1 hour

Elevation: 217m

Arrived at Paccots, take  the road to the Lac des Joncs. At the bottom of the lake, there are two parking areas. Park, if you have the possibility, on the top one. Indeed, you will be close to the beginning of the course. I specify that I followed the snowshoe route n° 9 and that you have the possibility of starting the hike at the level of Paccots itself. For our part, we decided to make it shorter and start at the bottom of Lac des Joncs. 

The route begins shortly after a small building (see photo 1).  There seem to be two routes; indeed, one of them takes the uncleared road on the left which descends in the direction of the valley of Fégire  and the other goes slightly to the right and flat. For our part, we took this second variant.   

Arrived at the top, we went down again in the direction of the  Reeds Lake.

Lac des Joncs 01.jpg

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