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Lac Le Louché (20 Km)

Minimum altitude : 2'180 m

Maximum altitude : 2'566 m

From Crêt du Midi to lac le Louché : 7.8 Km

Approximate walking time : 2h40

Climb : 428 m

Descent : 173 m


In order to go to lac Louché there are many routes:

1) you can park at "alpage de Mase" (La Louère) and walk up either to col de Cou or walk up to "Pas de Lovégno. 

2) If you start in Vercorin, there are many routes too:

  a) following the "bisse de Vercorin".

  b) you can park at the hut of the guard (refuge du guarde) and then you follow the bisse.

  c) You can also take gondolas and start your hike at "Crêt du Midi"

Personally I chose to go up with gondolas in order to waste a minimum of time. Indeed, I wished to discover this little valley in a minimum of time. 

So I started my hike in "Crêt du Midi" going down towards la Remointse (Lac de Tsartsey). Then I followed the road towards a place called "La Tine". From there you have to follow the walking trail. Be careful when you cross the river called "La Rèche". Indeed, it's a swamp and the walking trail isn't well indicated. Walk along the little river and you will find the walking trail again a few metres further.

The whole valley is a protected area / zone, so you aren't authorised to take any flower, etc.

For coming back to Vercorin, I had the same route to the junction  with the walking trail leading to Crêt du Midi. Then I walked down following the road. A little further there are several paths available in order to reach Vercorin. From Lac Le Louché to Vercorin you will have to walk approximately 4 hours.

Val de Réchy Vercorin Lac Le Louché
Val de Réchy Vercorin Lac Le Louché
Lac Le Louché Val de Réchy Vercorin
Val de Réchy Lac Le Louché

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