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Minimum altitude: 3,068 m

Maximum altitude: 4,009 m

Difficulty level: T4/T5

Elevation +: 1,006 m

Approximate walking time: 3h15

To get there:Motorway A9 to Sierre. Then main road to Visp and finally Saas-Grund.

Where to park:Hohsaas Talst lift car park

The Lagginhorn above Saas-Grund is one of the rare 4000m accessible without special equipment, a good pair of trail (helmet is strongly recommended) is sufficient.

Accessible from the arrival of the Hohsaas gondola or possibly from Kreuzboden via the Weissmieshutte hut, the ascent is done by the WSW ridge, the summit offers a spectacular view of more than 20 surrounding peaks of +4000m.

The ideal is to climb by Hohsaas and descend by the integral ridge  and take the gondola back to Kreuzboden

Impeccable weather and knowledge of the mountain is still necessary.

The difficulty is between a T4 and T5.

Data provided by: Pierre-Alain Wenger 

Lagginhorn 01.jpg
Lagginhorn 02.jpg
Lagginhorn Saas-Grund Swisstreks 01.jpg
Lagginhorn Saas-Grund 02.jpg
Lagginhorn Saas-Grund 04.jpg

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