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Le Chasseron (12.8 Km)

Minimum altitude: 1'194 m

Maximum altitude: 1,608 m

Elevation +: 414 m

Approximate walking time: 2h00

Distance: 12.8 K, m

To get there: motorway A5 to Yverdon Ouest. Then take direction Sainte-Croix. Shortly after the Château de Sainte-Croix, turn right towards Bullet and turn left towards Les Rasses.

Parking: A large free car park awaits you at Les Rasses.

The route begins by crossing the forest of Grande Joux, to continue through the pasture known as Crêt des Gouilles to reach the summit which rises to 1,608 m. The route will lead you towards La Grande Sonnaz Dessous, then Les Cernets Dessous. From there, you will begin your return to Les Rasses via Pré Bornoz and above Des Cluds. No major difficulty to report by following this route! If you take the shortcuts that follow the hiking trails, do not forget to report yourself to hikers!

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