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Minimum altitude: 1'214 m

Maximum altitude: 1,518 m

Degree of difficulty: T2

Elevation +: 594 m

To get there: A12 motorway to Châtel-Saint-Denis and then take the direction of Les Paccots. Cross the Paccots and take the direction of Rathvel.

Where to park: a little below the Rathvel, on your right, you will find a large free car park, which is none other than the ski lifts.

The route begins by taking the road that leads to Rathvel. Go up to the Buvette, then continue towards the Chalet du Châh. Go between the chalet and the small hangar or walk along the latter. Do not take the path that goes to the right and that goes into the forest but the one that runs along the forest. The ascent is gradual first at the edge of the forest, then in it. You will then arrive at Gros Niremont, where you will find an alpine chalet. Go behind it. You will then follow the ridge and arrive at the top. For my part, once I got to the top, I went towards Goillie au Cerf, crossing a wetland. When you get to La Goillie au Cerf, take the tarmac road which goes towards Semsales on the left. I went down to the crossroads (possibility of taking a shortcut like on the map at one point!), And there I took another left. You will thus cross the forest of Châble des Puits. Follow the road up to the valley "Les Prévondes". Shortly after the alpine chalet, turn left to go up on the Niremont.

Practical advice : the wetland of the Trême valley can be quite wet, so good shoes are not superfluous. The same is true of the climb via Les Prévondes.

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