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Les Réchasses (4.6 km round trip)

Minimum altitude : 2'163 m

Minimum altitude : 2'507 m

Climb : 350 m

Approximative walking time: 1h15 


Start of the hike: Alpage de Mase. You will cross the alpage L'Arpette to find yourself in a small combe. Steep climb to the fork for Pas de Lovégno  and Les Réchasses. From there, it is better to have the not sure if you want to go up to the Réchases and once up take care because the rocky walls are real cliffs. Les Réchasses are a bit like a citadel.

It is possible to park at alpage de Mase (gîte de la Louère). But take note, that the road that starts at the Bisse de la Tsa-Crêta parking lot (Mayens de Mase), is somewhat chaotic.

To get to alpage de Mase, shortly after the Bisse parking lot, turn right at the picnic square ; and follow "gîte de la Louère" (see Photo). To get to the Bisse parking lot, please consult Bisse de Mase (Tsa-Crêta) file !


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