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Mount Gond (24.3 Km)

Minimum altitude: 801 m

Maximum altitude: 2,344

Difficulty level: T2 / T3

Elevation +: 1'849 m

Approximate walking time: 4h00

To get there : motorway A9 to Conthey (exit n ° 25). Turn right out of the A9, continue straight ahead and at the 3rd roundabout turn left, toeards Vétroz. At the first roundabout, take the first right and continue to Aven or Code located in Mayens de Conthey.

Where to park : In Aven, take the road that goes to the hamlet of Ouvry and go to a place called "Som des Ceyves". There you will find a parking lot right next to a water tank. Another option is to go up to Mayens de Conthey, and more precisely to the place called "Code".

The trail starts either in Som des Ceyves or in Code depending on where you want to park. The route will of course be shortened as much ... Anyway, from Code, you will take the direction of the Flore pasture, to then reach the pond of Trente Pas and finally reach the Cross. of Achia. You will begin the descent on the north-west side towards the Lodze lodge, where you can take a short break if you feel like it, but be careful because if you go to the Lodze lodge, you will turn away a little from the suggested route! Note that the descent on the north-west side has passages where it is better to have a sure step and that it would be better to avoid in case of wet weather because the ground can be slippery!

Data provided by Patrick Hauser

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